Old News (2015)

Immigration Detention in the United States

The criminalization of illegal entry in the United States has led to detention in privatized prisons where conditions can be life-threatening: The privatization of immigration detention.


Charles Glass describes the Syrian civil war from American encouragement of the rebels in 2011 to Iranian domination in 2015 in the New York Review of Books. (October 2015)


Chinese authorities cutting down crosses on churches. National Post article here.

El Salvador

An article in UK’s The Independent reports that the murders in El Salvador have reached 700 a month, with police officer’s being specifically targeted, in part to send a message to the government to stop its actions against the gangs and to improve prison conditions for incarcerated gang members. (Posted July 30, 2015) And The Guardian reports that there is now a murder an hour in El Salvador. (August 22, 2015)

Canada – The Courts

Sean Fine of the Globe and Mail is authoring a sophisticated series of articles analyzing Prime Minister Harper’s revamping of the judicial appointments process and some of his recent appointments. (Posted July 27, 2015)
How recent appointments look at the Charter
How Changes to the Appointments Process are Revamping the Courts


In Mexico, it seems that the only state protection that exists is for the Narcos. Alma Guillermopietro reports on the latest theories around El Chapo’s escape in the New York Review of Books. (posted July 24, 2015)